Halide Exchange in the Solid-State phase of already crystallaized Perovskite Solar Cell

Study the influence of formammidinium iodide (FAI) and formammidinium bromide (FABr) post deposition treatment in mixed cation mix halide perovskite composition of CsxFA1-xPb(I1-xBrx)3. We found that halide exchange process occurs during the dipping, where iodide and bromide ions are incorporated into the solid perovskite phase causing structural changes. The changes in the perovskite lattice becoming more significant as the bromide incorporation become more dominant. The effect of halide exchange in the perovskite solar cells was study on a complete device. We showed that as the FABr ratio increase the overall solar cell performance decrease due to the structural changes that cause partial distortion of the perovskite lattice.

Project Resposible: Stav Rahmany