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More energy from sunlight strikes the Earth in one hour (4.3•1020J) than all the energy consumed on the planet in a year (4.1•1020J). There is a huge gap between our present use of solar energy and its enormous undeveloped potential. This defines a grand challenge in energy research.
Twenty terrawatts of electrical power could be generated by covering just 0.16 percent of the earth’s surface with solar cells with 10 percent efficiency.

The research in Prof. Lioz Etgar's group focuses on the development of radically new nanostructures and molecular materials for the production of innovative solar cells, third generation solar cells.

We concentrate on functional materials for solar energy application and the assembly and the characterization of the solar cell.

One of our project was published recently in Calalist

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Prof. Lioz Etgar was chosen to be in the Climate Action 30 List

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יציבי ויעילים יותר
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