Novel Rubidium lead chloride nanocrystals: Synthesisand characterization


Daniel Amgar, Małgorzata Wierzbowska, Vladimir Uvarov, Vitaly Gutkin, and lioz etgar. 10/23/2017. “Novel Rubidium lead chloride nanocrystals: Synthesisand characterization.” Nano Futures, 1: 021002.


Alkali ternary lead halides have been studied intensively in the past few years, with great interest
focussed on perovskite materials. In this paper we report on novel rubidium lead chloride nanocrystals
(NCs) with the formula Rb6Pb5Cl16, which adopt a tetragonal symmetry. The NCs were characterized
and found to be active in theUVregion, with a band-gap of∼4.05 eV. The roles of the ligands, oleic
acid and oleylamine, were investigated and found to strongly affect the morphology and composition
of the NCs, through the stabilization of the facilitated crystallization of the ionic precursors. The
effective masses were observed by density functional theory (DFT) calculations, using the dielectric
function, and the the Bohr exciton radius and exciton binding energy of the NCs were estimated.
Moreover, the results were supported by the DFT calculations of the electronic properties and atomic

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