Semi-transparent perovskite based solar cells

An interesting and important property of the perovskite is the possibility to make it transparent, thus enabling fabrication of semi-transparent solar cells. 

This project concentrate  on semi-transparent perovskite solar cells, based on a method, in which self-assembled perovskite precursor solution forms a transparent grid structure.

Project responsible: Stav Rahmany

Quasi 2D and 3D cesium perovskite

In my research, I study the quasi 2D and 3D perovskites  that have a general chemical formula (R-NH3)2MAn-1PbnI3n+1 (R= a long alkyl group).In my research :MA= Cesium,R-NH3=phenylethyl ammonium iodide or linear carbon chain.
In the graph can be seen the absorption measurements of the various n values (R=PEAI)

Project responsible: Adva Shpatz